Version 5.2.0 is released HighlightsCompletely new approach to podcast management. Now 24000 podcast channels available within pMusic. - sorted by category.Tempo detection and extended SmartaddRealtime sound processingNad has become the standard graphical themeWider documentation and helpRewritten right-click menusOptional deeper indexing when scanning local collection. See Menu->Music Sources->My Music... and you can search/play/download youtube inside pMusic. - Thanks to trio for you2pup

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Xenialpup Released

Phil Broughton (aka 666philb or mrfricks) has announced the release of Xenialpup-7.5 CE and Xenialpup64-7.5 CE. This is the first official release of a Puppy Linux distribution in quite a while! The following is part of the announcement from the respective forum...


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