Version 5.2.0 is released HighlightsCompletely new approach to podcast management. Now 24000 podcast channels available within pMusic. - sorted by category.Tempo detection and extended SmartaddRealtime sound processingNad has become the standard graphical themeWider documentation and helpRewritten right-click menusOptional deeper indexing when scanning local collection. See Menu->Music Sources->My Music... and you can search/play/download youtube inside pMusic. - Thanks to trio for you2pup

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BionicPup 32 bit and 64 bit released

Peter and Phil (peebee and 666philb/mr fricks : forum handles) have respectively released BionicPup32 8.0 and BionicPup64 8.0 CE for download. These are that latest official Puppy Linux distributions. They repectively support 32 bit x86 and 64 bit x86_64 (amd64) architectures...


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