October 25, 2014 - Barry Kauler, creator of Puppy Linux, released his new Quirky version named Unicorn. Barry's goals in building Quirky are: To experiment with new ideas (such as a Puppy Linux optimized for flash devices); To use full Linux installation in a flash drive or Linux filesystem/partition (other Puppy Linux builds have a technique for minimal install called Frugal install); To implement easy upgrade, recovery or backup. Read this to explore the more technical goals of Quirky. Follow the Forum discussion of Quirky Unicorn. NOTICE: TRY THE FOLLOWING AT YOUR OWN RISK! To be able to use Quirky, you must install it WHILE USING LINUX. An easy way to get into Linux is to install it in Windows (XP, Vista or 7) with this build of Puppy . Use GParted (under the System menu) to build a Linux partition of at least 2 GB (the safest is to use a flash drive for this). Open the Quirky folder at ibiblio or nluug to download the install scripts and corresponding install file: Get the sfs install file and the install scripts for partition install or flash drive install ; Get the IMG file for copying to an 8-GB flash drive (it is an image file that can be written to a flash drive by third-party programs like Win32DiskImager for Windows). NOTE: After downloading, decompress it first to a big IMG file.

Fonte: http://puppylinuxnews.org/home/quirky-release-by-barry/

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